The Department of Child Development and Family Studies stipulates that to graduate, students must fulfill core university requirements, major-specific courses, and accrue at least 128 units.

  1. Core University Requirements (33 credits)

(1) Physical education (3 credits)

  • Sports and Health (2 credits): Required, and is 2 hours per week.
  • Physical Education Activity (1 credit): Selection from available classes, 2 hours per week.

(2) General education (28 credits)

  • Required courses (10 credits)

Chinese Reading and Writing; Basic English; Education for Life; Tzu Chi Humanistic Culture and Service-Learning; and Web Visual Programming, each worth 2 credits.

  • Elective courses (18 credits)

Students select from classes offered.

(3)Foreign language (2 credits)


  1. Major Requirements

(1) Required courses (38 credits): Must be completed.

(2) Specific modules: At least one module is required.

(3) Elective Courses

  • Credits needed are determined by subtracting credits earned from core university requirements and other major-related courses from the total of 128 credits.

Electives may be taken from courses provided by the University or off-campus institutions. These may count towards double majors, minor programs, or other programs.


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