Department Goals

  1. Creating the Tzu Chi Family Resource Center to help solve East Taiwan’s child development and family-related problems, notably the counseling and assistance for groups with special needs, underprivileged or aboriginal members;
  2. As part of Tzu Chi University’s cross-disciplinary integration effort, the Department will build a counseling website that takes a multi-dimensional approach to child development and family studies, instruction, advice, extension services and research projects;
  3. Introducing courses, workshops or training programs that contribute to learning-oriented families and related professionals’ career growth;
  4. Developing teaching materials, training programs, databases and cross-border research projects for child development and family studies as worldwide facilities;
  5. Nurturing highly qualified researchers through graduate programs.

 Faculty Enhancement and Extension Services

The excellence of an undergraduate program is reflected in the instructional results, as well as students’ character and competencies. The Department plans to improve this part by taking actions in the following areas:

  1. Academic research: Besides seeking central or local government subsidies to bolster its faculty members’ respective specialties, the Department is committed to academic studies by working alongside research institutes worldwide;
  2. Faculty enhancement: Distinguished teachers will be recruited from across Taiwan and beyond;
  3. Curriculum and instruction: Teachers are encouraged to not only comply with government policies but also take a creative, multimedia approach in pursuit of instructional excellence and curriculum development;
  4. Extension services: In addition to working as an academic publisher, the Department earnestly seeks partnerships with Tzu Chi affiliates and other NGOs in its neighborhood to offer advice for, and solutions to, educational issues for the community and disadvantaged families. Extension courses, including credit-awarding ones, will also be available for parents and children alike.

 Career Prospects for Students

  1. Family studies professionals;
  2. ECCE workers: ECCE professionals, babysitters, babysitter support system inspectors, or early intervention ECCE staff;
  3. Marriage and family therapists or counselors;
  4. Professionals in children-related sectors:

(1)      Children’s TV production staff (for Da Ai Television, Taiwan Public Television Service, YOYO TV, etc.)
(2)      R&D workers for teaching aids, toys and children’s media (e.g., computer literacy courses, websites for kids and Kiddie’s Paradise);
(3)    Publishers of children’s books, magazines, newspapers and other printed media (e.g., Mandarin Daily News, Hsin-Yi Foundation, preschool education-themed publications and Mom Baby);
(4)      Developers of teaching materials for kindergartens, elementary schools, etc.

  1. Counselors or children/social welfare workers;
  2. State-certified public servants (e.g., education administrators or ECCE professionals);
  3. Counselors at nonprofit organizations;
  4. High-school teachers (after completing Center for Teacher Education’s training program);
  5. Entrepreneurs;
  6. Pursuing advanced studies.