Development Objectives

As Taiwan’s family structure and functions undergo dramatic social transformation, raising concerns over childhood education and family adaptation, the Department harnesses all of its resources to develop, with equal emphasis on theory, practice and culturally diverse knowledge, a caring, service-oriented curriculum that contributes to the education of families with an indigenous heritage, single or absent parents, disabled members, low incomes or new immigrant spouses.

Detailed below are the development objectives of the Department:

  1. Introducing certified training programs or course groups regarding ECCE, child counseling and special education, or family studies;
  2. Encouraging teachers to participate in workshops held by Tzu Chi University or other organizers, seeking improvement in ECCE, family studies, child counseling or special education skills;
  3. Offering symposiums on child development and family studies to help both the faculty and students sharpen their research skills in related disciplines;
  4. Perfecting solutions to quality instruction and research so that the faculty can satisfy Hualien and Taitung areas’ needs for ECCE, child counseling, special education and family studies;
  5. Expanding the alumni association in order to not only ensure that the vocational courses meet actual workplace needs, but also keep graduates updated with the progress in educational theories and practices;
  6. Organizing family studies awareness campaigns and workshops through the family resource room;
  7. As part of the regional outreach effort, integrating Tzu Chi University’s internal and external resources for giving academic advice to underprivileged children as well as professional assistance to teachers in far-flung areas.